A Tribute to Bubba

I always said you didn’t have a very typey head, but you had a beautiful face.   You were always smiling and your eyes just sparkled.  What your head lacked in type, your heart made up for.  You passed your therapy dog test with flying colors a few days after your first birthday and it wasn’t long before you outshined your buddy Frosty in that arena.  And, you did pretty well in the show ring, 4 weekends, 3 majors (one BOS over male specials).  All at supported entries and a national specialty.  I always wished we’d videotaped your silly dinner dance, I’ve never seen anything so silly in my entire life and I can’t believe you taught it to Taz and your mom.  You had a beautiful smile and a kind gentle spirit that I will never get over losing.  You were the light of my life little boy.

You brought so much joy into this house.  And it was just a fluke that you stayed.  You were supposed to go to a pet home but at the last minute she couldn’t take you so you got to remain in your birth home.  To tell the truth, I was so happy that she backed out.  I fell in love with your sweet personality before your eyes even opened.

I love you more than words could ever say and the hole in my heart you left seems to get bigger every day you are gone.  There are so  many things I regret about your final days on this earth, I know I will spend the rest of my life wishing I had done this, or not done that, but no amount of wishing will ever bring you back.

Your presence on this earth was tragically cut way too short.  I think about you everyday and miss you more than words could ever say. Rest in Peace my sweet baby and know that we will always love and miss you.

                      Tepes Ederra’s Last  Action Hero, TDI  “Bubba”
                                          9/18/01 - 9/12/04
                                           Love Pam Jenni &  Mike Carney