Ch. Lofranco's American Express, CGC, TDI, VPA  "Christy"
9/11/91 - 3/18/04

photos of Christy
Christy was our first.  She arrived Christmas eve. 1991.  She was a very special girl and she will always be missed.  She loved to play, she was always happy.  She was the Omega and she liked it that way, she didn't want the problems of being the boss, or even higher up, she only wanted to play and enjoy life.   I never had a dog that was so afraid of thunderstorms.  Christy's unique take on them was to get into the bathtub the second she heard any thunder, and would stay there until it was over.  We used to joke that she knew when there was  storm 2 states away.   She would fight if another dog started a fight with her and she absolutely had to defend herself, but if there was an opportunity to run away, that would be her first option.  She was the one to befriend any and all new arrivals.  She was a puppy at heart until the day she died. 
Tepes-Lofranco American Dream  "Dreamer"
9/25/94 - 11/2/00

photos of Dreamer
I feel awful that I never did get any photos of Dreamer's wins, she actually had several points towards her championship when I decided that it wasn't worth the trouble of showing her since she really didn't enjoy the show ring.  She was a very sweet dog, very big for a girl, over 30 inches.  She had tons of angulation, she had to since she was longer than a train.  She was like her mom in that she was just a happy girl that wanted to play and have fun.  Unfortunately she developed neurological problems at a young age and had to be put down before she was 7 years old.

gone but not forgotten

Tepes Ederra's Last Action Hero  TDI  "Bubba"
9/17/01- 9/12/04

photos of Bubba
Bubba was my soul mate.  He was always so easy going, he was that way from the start, no rush, no hurry.  Even being born.  I was about ready to call the vet because it had been so long since Laney, about that time he started to come.  When he came out he didn't seem to be breathing, but it was just Bubba's, "I'll get around to it in my own sweet time."  I looked at him and exclaimed, "OH NO!  It's a boy!!"  Little did I know he was to be the best boy I ever had.  He had a huge heart.  Even when Christy couldn't get up to play, he would find a way to get her involved in the games.  All the girls adored him, it was funny to watch them fight over who got to play with Bubba.  Mom (Brandy) thought she had sole right to him, but Shadow, Taz, and Christy has other opinions.  He was a wonderful therapy dog.  And he did well in the show ring, he had 3 majors all of which were won at either a supported entry or a specialty weekend.  He had even gotten a Group 2 in the Bred-by ring at the Tulsa Cluster in 2003.  I would have to say the worst day of my entire life was finding his body cold in his kennel that sunday morning.  He always slept in the house, but he was so sick I felt it was best for him to sleep in the kennel, and I regret I wasn't there with him when he passed away.  The only way to deal with the pain is to remember that at least we were able to save the remaining 5 dogs.   Bedtime is always sad as I miss Bubba getting in bed with me when I first get in bed and laying on his back up against me to cuddle.To read Bubba's story click here.
Shadow CGC

photos of Shadow
She wasn't a Kvuasz, but she was my best friend.  I found Shadow wandering a country road when she was 8 wks old.  I'll never forget our meeting.  I was driving down the road one morning, and it was a road I rarely took, but for some reason, that morning, I decided to go that way to the store.   I saw something small and black beside the road up ahead and slowed down.  As I neared, I realized it was a puppy, she sat down and watched me drive by.  I watched in the rearview mirror as the little puppy got a sad, resigned look and stood  up and started back down the road.  I got about 100ft, OH CRAP.  Turned around and drove back to her.  I opened the door and called her, she started screaming but was too scared to come.  I finally got out and squatted and called her, she hit the ground  and ran to me on her belly, screaming the entire way.  I got her inside and it took me 10 minutes to calm her down.  I ended up driving to town with her in my lap crying.  She was my Shadow from that day forward.  She immediately found a place in our pack, in fact, she was soon to be the alpha, in charge of the Kuvasz.  She raised Frosty, and was mid-wife to both litters.  She loved the puppies and was wonderful at helping raise them, she was very kind hearted, she ruled with an iron fist, but when it came to puppies, she was always gentle but firm in her training.  
Ch. Lofranco's Quikdraw Mcgraw CGC, TDI, ThPA, VPA, ThOAA
      10/3/93- 3/6/2008


Frosty was a sweet boy out of a Hungarian imported dam,  Godollokerti Avar Tisza and  Canadian Champion Lofranco's Better Than Ever. After finishing his Championship  he was in need of a job and went to work as a Therapy Dog.  He's an old man now and doesn't get around as well as he used to, so he hasn't been active in therapy for a few months.  Health clearances include, Hips-OFA good (GDC-Good Normal),Elbows- OFA passed, Patella- OFA passed, eyes cleared and registered with GDC, cleared of thyroid and vWd.  Unfortunately we were never able to breed Frosty as he is completely sterile.  He is shown finishing his Championship.  Pictures of Frosty
and Memorial