I am a small hobby breeder and breed only occasionally.  My whole life has been spent with dogs but it wasn't until 1990 that I became seriously interested in Kuvaszok. I  purchased my first one in 1991.  I rarely breed, in fact, I have only had 2 litters (I admit I would have liked to have had more, but circumstances unfortunately dictated otherwise). My biggest fault when it comes to breeding is my tendancy to want everything perfect.  I realize that dogs are definitely not perfect, but if I feel a breeding is only mediocre and will not produce something great, I can't in good faith do the breeding.    A Kuvasz should not only be beautiful to observe, but must have a stable temperament and good health.  It's easier said than done to find that total package.    Some believe it is ok for a Kuvasz to be aggressive, I completely disagree, an aggressive dog of any breed is not only a lawsuit waiting to happen, but one accident could damage the breed as a whole.  I have also been told that making a Kuvasz tolerate being handled by strangers (in the breed ring) will destroy their guarding ability.  That could be no further from the truth.  Frosty is a perfect case in point, he loves dog shows, if a stranger fed him, he would go off with that person, he even spent several years in the juniors ring with a colleague's daughter.  But, bring him home and put him in his yard and he is a fierce defender, actually, more so than I would prefer.  But, I know no matter what, I am always safe with Frosty nearby. 

Dog shows are great fun, and it's wonderful to win, especially to win big.  But, it's not worth a thing if the dog doesn't have a good disposition and health.  Too many people seem to get caught up in the wins.  I am a firm believer in testing for health problems and support CHIC and OFA     I know that a lot of people will disagree with me, but I know a lot of people agree, not just dog people but respected professionals; much of disposition is genetic.  It has to be, just think about it, if it wasn't, you couldn't go out and buy a specific breed expecting certain breed characteristics.  You wouldn't have Goldens that retrieve, or Kuvasz that guard.   There are too many people out there making excuses for their dog's temperaments, too many breeders blaming the owner for doing something wrong.  But they never think twice about breeding a shy or aggressive dog.  I don't want to make excuses for my dogs.  I don't want to feel guilty that I sold somebody a dog with a faulty disposition.  If you breed excellent dispositioned dogs to excellent dispositioned dogs, you will get excellent dispositioned dogs.  Show wins are just icing on the cake, unlike some who base all their reputation on their show wins.
I can always be reached at  tepesridge@sbcglobal.net


Kuvasz Club of America, past treasurer, past board member, currently Newsletter editor, and I have been active on several committees in the past.   I was the 2005 National Specialty Show Chairman.  American Kuvasz Association, past board member and President. Claremore kennel Club- Have held various official positions for the last several years, VP, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, board member, and newsletter editor. Currently the Oklahoma contact for Kuvasz Rescue.

                                         Breeding Ideals

Health and temperament are first and foremost in my breeding program. All breeding animals have their hips, elbows, patella, and eyes checked and are cleared for thyroid and vWd problems. My dogs health clearances are registered with GDC (Institute  for Genetic Disease Control) an open database and with OFA and I will only breed dogs with CHIC numbers.  To find out more about CHIC, click here. I only breed dogs with stable loving temperaments. All of my dogs are pets and companions, not kennel dogs. They all live as house pets and puppies are always raised in my home.

                                    Puppies and Guarantees

All pet puppies are spayed and neutered between 8 and 10 weeks of age, therefore I am able to sell them with full  registrations instead of Limited Registration. All dogs are  sold with a contract and health guarantee against genetic disease. My contract does become null and void at 28 months  of age UNLESS the owner has the hips and elbows x rayed and a thyroid test run and the results sent to the OFA database. I ask that the patella, eyes, and heart also be checked but it is not required. If this is done, the animal's genetic health is guaranteed until the dogreaches 8 yrs of age. My guarantee is if the dog has any problem that is known to be genetic either the full purchase price of the dog will be refunded or the owner will get another puppy. All prospective buyers are required to give references. Socialization and lots of early training are encouraged as it will pay off multifold in a well behaved adult.

Adults, show, and pet puppies are occasionally available to select homes. All adults are sterilized before they are placed.

I am ALWAYS available for puppy buyers to help with a problem, with advice, or to just talk. And I always stand behind my dogs as much as possible. I require that I be contacted if the dog must be given up for any reason. That way I can either help to find the dog a new home or make plans for it to be returned.

   About Myself and my Dogs